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MAY 2023 Newletter Volume 4, Issue 1

Our mission is to empower cis, trans, and queer identifying lesbians through financial crisis assistance as well as grants in the areas of health and wellness, the arts and education.

The L-Fund envisions an enriched future for the lives of our fellow cis, trans, and queer identifying lesbians.

In this issue:

An update from Robbin Burr, a retired corporate leader & pro-bono consultant to The L-Fund
Amount of Money Given in 2022
Our 2023 Gala Recap
Programs Updates Including LIN and Other Grants
New Board Member Spotlight
A Special Thank You to Our Community
Save The Dates – Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Events

A Quote From Robbin Burr
Pro-Bono Consultant

“I’m enormously proud of The L-Fund’s Board of Directors and the hard work they have been doing! They recently completed a new Strategic Plan and have now equipped themselves with a road map to grow their programs and staff the board with the skill sets needed to help propel the organization successfully into the coming years!”

Special thanks to Robbin, a retired non-profit and corporate leader, for being an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise to The L-Fund!

In 2022, The L-Fund gave out almost
to Grant recipients!

From the $95,000 given,

$52,000 went to Lesbians in Need,
our most important and critical program, which also includes our Health & Wellness program.

Additionally, $28,000 went to Education recipients and $15,000 went to Art recipients.

We couldn’t do it without our generous supporters, so thank you!

If you would like to contribute to The L-Fund’s life-altering efforts, click here to donate.

Luck Be A Lady
2023 Gala Racap!

On February 25, The L-Fund held its Luck Be A Lady gala. It was our annual fundraiser and we were honored to have been sponsored by Eisenhower Health, Brothers of the Desert, The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert, The Hollywood Times and DAP Health. We raised $65,000!

We were also elated to have received many in-kind donations including The UPS Store (downtown Palm Springs), Fetch Girl Lighting Design, Bright Event Rentals, and In Sync Social Media.

We were grateful for our many silent auction donors and gift certificates from Over the Rainbow bakery and Chef Tanya’s Kitchen.

We could not have pulled off this event without our entertainment, Elaine Gibbs & Band, emcee Mina Hartong and without Nicholas Snow/PromoHomo TV. A big thanks also to all of our wonderful volunteers.

Our attendees learned a lot about our award recipients – Dr. Jill Hingston, Rhonda Ceccato, and Kim Kieler – as well as heard heartwarming stories from some grant recipients.

It was an amazing night of dancing, casino gaming, eating and enjoying libations while also being reminded of what an amazing community we have in the desert.

We hope you join us again in 2024!

To see photos from the 2023 Gala, click here!

Grant Recipient Updates
How The L-Fund’s Programs Have Helped So Far In 2023

Lesbians In Need (LIN)

We are committed to providing assistance to numerous Lesbians In Need, our very first grant program that started it all.

So far in 2023, we’ve helped LIN recipients with $5,883.00. The monies went to help pay rent and a security deposit, help with clothes for a new job, and help with much needed house repairs.

Our recipients are always so incredibly grateful for the help that The L-Fund provides. And often times it is paid forward!

If you know any lesbians in crisis who could use financial assistance, click here for more info about the Lesbians in Need (LIN) program.

L-Fund Education Assistance Program (LEAP)
We recognize education as an important stepping stone in improving lives and individual autonomy.

To date in 2023, we have given $3,185.00 to pay for a laptop (and accessories) and to pay for an applicant’s outstanding tuition so she could graduate with her class.
If you know any lesbians in need of educational assistance, click here for more info about the LEAP program.

Debra I. Moore Grant for the Arts
The L-Fund envisions a future in which lesbians, in all of their diversity, are free to express the full range of their talents and potential. The arts is a powerful segue to self-discovery and healing and we’re proud to help recipients realize their goals.

Artwork by Wendy Wonder

So far this year, we’ve given $2,858.00 towards: an applicant’s community newsletter and putting on events in the Coachella Valley (movie club, book club, hiking, etc.), an applicant who needed frames and shadow boxes for an upcoming art show, and another applicant’s construction of a 10 piece sculpture.
If you know any lesbian artists in need of a grant, click here for more info about the Debra I. Moore Grant for the Arts.

Health & Wellness
Established in 2020 to provide financial support in the areas of health and wellness.
So far this year, we’ve helped by paying $3,065.00 to cover 3 months of dementia day care and to pay off a surgery invoice to avoid collection efforts.
If you know any lesbians in need of a grant, click here for more info about the Health & Wellness grant.

Meet Our Newest Board Member: Jen Hughes

3 Fun Facts!

I’m on the show ‘911 Rescue’
I played many tournaments on a wheelchair tennis team
Spending time with and training my doggies fills my heart

Jen graduated from Cal State San Bernardino in Social Work and National Paralegal College in Paralegal Studies with her Bachelor’s in Legal Studies. She owns California Legal Docs, with the main office located in Palm Desert, but serving all of California remotely.

Her love for the community and law has given her the drive to work hard and provide peace of mind to those dealing with the legal system. Growing up in a diverse community and her life experiences, have propelled her mission to give back. She is excited and feels honored to work with The L-Fund and provide assistance in the community that is so close to her heart.

A Very Special Thank You To You

The L-Fund would like to thank you, the community, for opening your hearts and wallets to those in need. Your generosity has been felt in so many different ways, and it’s because of you that our recipients feel cared for, heard and valued.

There have been many times where we were told how our help impacted our recipients and the opportunities we helped provide. We are truly humbled that they feel the embrace and love by the community. It’s because of you that our recipients are able to thrive, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The work we do cannot be done without the willingness and support of the community to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. You are the manifestation of the phrase, “It takes a village.”

We are humbled by your efforts and truly grateful for all you have done and continue to do.

With Gratitude,

The L-Fund Board of Directors

If you would like to contribute to The L-Fund’s life-altering efforts, click here to donate.



11/19/23 – Woodhaven Country Club, Palm Desert


03/09/24 – Margaritaville Resort, Palm Springs

More information as available on our website, click here for Upcoming Events.

The L-Fund grieves with the local community in the shocking loss of Gail Christian.

Our hearts go out to Lucy and to all who love her and will miss her.

The L-Fund exists only with the support of our generous donors.
Help us continue this important work.
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