The L-Fund is reaching out for your support with this urgent request to help us bring “Jackie”, a Jamaican lesbian in crisis, to the College of the Desert on a student visa. 

Jamaica has long been known as a virulently homophobic country – a place where colonial laws that criminalize being gay are still enforced, and violence against and murder of lesbians and gays is rarely punished. It is commonplace for LGBTQ people in Jamaica to be bullied, physically and sexually attacked, thrown out of their homes and communities, and denied employment and services. In December 2020 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights published a report calling on the Jamaican government to stop its human rights abuses against LGBTI people, and to repeal laws criminalizing same-sex relationships. Despite this, these laws and practices remain in place still today.* 

Jackie’s story sadly and shockingly confirms the horrifying conditions in Jamaica. She has been violently attacked and her partner was beaten to death for their loving relationship. And, her situation is even more desperate now that she has been outed. She is actually feeling grateful for the pandemic since it makes it easier for her to remain isolated inside her home where she feels some sense of safety. 

Jackie has training in the field of health care and recently applied to the College of the Desert (COD) where she has been accepted beginning fall 2021 in their Health Sciences program.  She dreams of studying and learning in an environment that is accepting and supportive of lesbians. She holds a similar dream for her adolescent child, who will accompany her into her new life here in the desert.

However, in order to make this happen, Jackie needs a student visa and housing. COD will apply for the student visa on Jackie’s behalf, but only if we can raise $11,000, the cost of her visa and tuition for the year. Jackie also must show she has housing for herself and her child for the time she attends school. A donated casita in the home of a lesbian would be an ideal situation for them, or housing would cost an additional $12,000 for the year.

The L-Fund is committed to raising the funds and finding housing for Jackie. Please support her and our mission with whatever generosity you can provide. Click the blue button below­ to donate to this special cause. If you can offer housing for Jackie and her child, please call Jan Alden, L-Fund treasurer, at 510-332-9707, or The L-Fund office at 760-304-8487.

  • $25 helps buy her school supplies
  • $100 helps pay for her books
  • $250 pays for one week of her visa and education OR housing 
  • $500 pays for one week of her visa, education, and housing
  • $2000 covers one month's full expenses
*ACHR, Report No. 400/20. Case 13.637. Merits (Publication). Gareth Henry and Simone Carline Edwards. Jamaica. December 31 2020. Download the report.


With heartfelt thanks,
The L-Fund Board

L-Fund Lesbian Grant Recipient



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