Education Assistance

Introducing the new L-Fund Education Assistance Program (LEAP)!
Giving financial assistance for education to Lesbians in need.

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2019 LEAP Recipient

We are so proud to introduce our newest LEAP Recipient. Please join us in congratulating Rocio Medina who is on her way to UCLA!

Born and raised in a traditional hispanic, religious upbringing, there have been hardships to which I have faced for most of my life regarding a disconnection with my family at certain points of my adolescence and even close friends.  This has led to influence in my career pathway in law, and my involvement in LGBT+ matters, allowing me to provide helpful information to my friends and family who, at a point in their lives, have been involved in homophobic behavior. Up until I graduated high school, I have participated in clubs and activities that have allowed me to express myself as a lesbian student, with a motivation to inform and allow for more comforting spaces for gay students. These clubs and activities have benefited me to also network with students and adults that have gone through similar hardships in their lives as well.

I hope to make an impact with my eventual career in law to not only benefit LGBT+ citizens, but other minority groups as well involving people of color, women, and any other group that has faced discrimination in American society as well as in different countries. Thus, my drive to make a change and to help fellow community members has motivated me to transfer only after one year of community college to my dream school, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and open a new step in my education pathway. My family has learned to accept me for who I am and have become a vital support to reach for my dream in assisting those in need in the future with my career.  The special people I have met along the process, particularly my friends, teachers, along with the people I have met through the LGBT+ community have also been a benefactor to this crucial process in my life. Particularly, the L-Fund has been one of the main supporters in helping aid my career pathway, especially in education. Providing me with the funds to be able to afford university tuition has been a significant part in allowing me to progress. Their help has also influenced me for future ideas, in thinking about creating my own scholarship fund for students similar to me or to be able to help this organization grow to provide aid to many more academically inclined students or students in need that are part of the LGBT+ community.