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The L-FUND, A Lesbian Philanthropic Group, founded in 2012, serving Lesbians in financial need.


The L-Fund assists Lesbians in the Coachella Valley to resolve short-term financial crises, unlike traditional social service or financial aid agencies that deal with long-term assistance. 

The L-Fund's established reserve account often allows them to respond to a request within 24 to 48 hours. "This is the only Lesbian organization in the valley to provide immediate financial relief in an emergency situation," says L-Fund's President, Barbara Carpenter. The emotional outpouring from gift recipients creates a sense of community that inspires the Core Group, co-founders and president to do more.

The L-Fund is a compassionate, philanthropic nonprofit organization. For more information about the L-Fund, its guidelines for giving, or to make donations, visit their website www.L-Fund.org.


Mission Statement:
The mission of the L-Fund is to raise funds and respond to requests for emergency financial assistance from members of the Lesbian community by expediently offering financial assistance to Lesbians in crisis. Grants are provided in response to financial challenges.

Vision Statement:
The L-Fund envisions a future in which members of the Lesbian community will have a reliable resource for emergency financial assistance.