Legacy Circle

The L-Fund Legacy Circle is a way to offer future support through planned giving

Sponsors, members, and ongoing contributors are an important part of our mission.  We would like our trusted friends to think further into the future as you plan your Last Will and Testament, Trust Funds, Living Wills and annual charitable donations options.  Your testamentary gift can sustain The L-Fund’s goals and activities through the Legacy Circle.  The L-Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization so the gifts you make as part of your estate planning are fully tax-deductible.

Securing The L-Fund’s Future

  1. The L-Fund’s Legacy Circle should be a part of YOUR legacy planning in order to:
  2. Continue The L-Fund’s mission and programs through the creation of a lasting legacy.
  3. Provide assistance to Lesbians, via scholarships and grants, so lesbians in need can have a sound future.  
  4. Honor a partner, relative, friend, or colleague.
  5. Be remembered in The L-Fund’s herstory.
  6. Help your Lesbian Community reach their potential life goals.
  7. Invest your money where your heart is.
  8. Insure The L-Fund is here for future generations.

Designated Giving

If you prefer to designate monies to a specific program or purpose, such as LEAP (L-Fund Educational Assistance Program), opportunities are available. To make a designated gift instead of a general bequest, please contact Dr. Jan Alden using the contact information below. 

No matter the amount of your gift, please remember, your gift will allow The L-Fund to continue sustainable funding for our very needed programs in the Lesbian Community.  

As The L-Fund moves forward please know that, with your commitment and our one-of-a-kind Lesbian programs, we will continue to be able to provide assistance to meet the very real needs of our Community. The L-Fund will remain a model community organization, with your support and assistance.  

We thank you for past, present and future support..

If you plan to make a testamentary bequest, please let us know. We are available to answer any questions you or your advisors may have regarding The L-Fund. 

Contact the L-Fund Board Treasurer at:

The L-Fund
400 S. Farrell Dr, Ste B107
Palm Springs, CA  92262