The name submitted meets the following guidelines.

  1. The L-Fund offers a one-time gift for any recipient, for a specific crisis; the gifts are not intended to resolve ongoing financial issues but only in the case of one particular situation.
  2. The recipient, a Lesbian, is the one experiencing the personal crisis, and she will receive the funds directly. The L-Fund does not control how the funds are used once given.
  3. Crises are not a result of dependence on drugs and/or alcohol.
  4. The Advocate, presents the crisis situation in writing to the Core Group for consideration, stating the crisis, the amount needed, and any additional relevant information.
  5. Funds are dispersed based on availability.

This financial-giving fund is based on trust, confidentiality, integrity, and adherence to our guidelines

DISCLAIMER: when a name is submitted, there is no guarantee that person will be selected as a recipient of a gift; the same name may be re-submitted at a later time.

Each Donor is expected to be respectful of the complete confidentiality on which this project is based; recipients identities and situations must always be kept completely confidential and the recipient’s name is known only to the Advocate.