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About Us

The 2016 Board of Directors

Barbara Carpenter   Ruth Debra   Kate Ullman
Barbara Carpenter
  Ruth Debra
Co-Vice President
  Kate Ullman
Co-Vice President
Sharon Siegel   Annette La Barca   Betty Berrysmith
Sharon Siegel
  Annette La Barca
  Betty Berrysmith
Maria Fraser   Paula Willis    
Maria Fraser
Core Group Board Member
  Paula Willis
Core Group Board Member

Our History

In 2012, a group of friends asked themselves, "How can we positively impact the lives of Lesbians in our community?"

In that moment, the L-Fund was born, acknowledging that Lesbians are underserved by many social service agencies and frequently do not have the same family support as heterosexual women.

Our fund operates on values of trust, confidentiality, and integrity. We focus on serving Lesbians in the Coachella Valley and nearby.

How we raise funds

Events such as the Gumbo Gala and Pride Dance, monthly donations, and other generous donations raised funds in 2015. We gave financial assistance to more than a dozen Lesbians, within 24 hours of learning of their emergency need.

Awareness of the L-Fund continues to grow and more women are turning to us for help. We want to make sure you have the chance to show your commitment in supporting the L-Fund's mission. Your support in 2017, will help us continue to be there as a visible part of our community, and to helping Lesbians in their time of need.

Make a donation today and make a difference!